Aluminium Gate Installations 1

Aluminium Gate Installations

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Aluminium gates, electric gates. gate automation
Aluminum gates, gate automation, electric gates

Swing Gates

These images of fully boarded aluminium swing gates show the ram gate operators on the inside and safety photocells, access control panel and CCTV monitoring on the outside.

Aluminium gates, wooden gates
Aluminium gate, wooden gate
Aluminium gates, wooden gates

Automatic and Manual Sliding Gates

Making sliding aluminum gates from two swing gates allows variation on the standard flat top theme for sliding gates. However, even flat top sliding gates designed to mimic wood can look very smart.

This property has automated gates for one regularly used entrance and matching manual aluminium gates (see bottom image) for a less frequently used entrance.

No gates between pillars
Aluminum gate with curved top

New Aluminium Gates

Originally with no gates, the owners of this property wanted additional security and style without high maintenance requirements. Aluminium gates were the perfect choice.

Worn and ugly wooden gates
Brown sliding aluminium gate

Replacement Aluminium Gates

Low maintenance sliding aluminium gate replaced ugly and worn wooden swing gates. This allowed better use of space inside the gates as the new sliding gate opened alongside the wall.*

Weathered wooden gates to be replaced by aluminum gates
Golden oak aluminium replacement gates

Replacement Aluminium Gates

A set of wooden gates that were badly weathered were replaced by lightweight, beautiful golden oak aluminium gates that require very little maintenance to stay looking as good as new.*
Aluminum gate designed to look like a wooden gate
Aluminum gates

Aluminium Gates With Underground Automation

Looking just like a dark wooden gate, these aluminium gates were installed in Dorset and automated by discrete underground gate motors.*

aluminium gate, wooden gate, electric gate, gate automation

Automated Aluminium Gates With Ram Motors

Aluminium gate and gate automation installation in Colchester. The installation shows ram gate motors for automating this gate designed to look like wooden gates.

Aluminium swing gates
Aluminium automatic gates designed to look like wooden gates

Aluminium Gates With Articulated Arm Operators

Articulated arm gate motors automating swing gates made of aluminium designed to look like wooden gates.*

Aluminium sliding gate
White aluminum sliding gate

Automatic Aluminium Sliding Gates

White aluminum sliding gate with sliding gate automation. Designed to look like swing gates, these aluminium gates have bell curve top and are half boarded.*

Aluminium swing gate with automation
Automation, swing gate, aluminium gate

Automated Aluminium Gates With Ram Motors in Different Positions

Aluminum gates designed to look like painted wooden gates showing ram gate automation mounted to mid-rail and bottom of gates.*

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Please note that the gates illustrated may not be completed installations with all safety features in place.

Our Gate Installer Network

Our aluminium gate installs are supplied through a network of preferred installers. We’re adding to the portfolio of installed gate images regularly and can send you regular updates if you want.

We develop sales leads for our installer network and also provide them with free marketing, product, technical, automation and safety support.

We’re always interested to hear from gate installers who are interested in installing our aluminium gates so  email us or call us on 033 022 34800 to find out how you can benefit from installing aluminium gates.

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Gates marked with an asterisk (*) are from our Premium range of Stargates. All others are from our Standard Star range.