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Installed Aluminium gates

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wood effect, aluminium gates
aluminium gates

Part-Boarded Aluminium Gates

These gates have an part open boarded design which creates a border but still allows the house to be seen. The current trend in gates is for fully boarded designs but these buck the trend and look great.

aluminium gates

Simple Curved Top Gates

These gates installed in Yorkshire work perfectly with the stone gate posts and house. It’s important to remember what impression gates will create. They’re probably one of the first thing visitors will see and they work very well if integrated into their surroundings.

aluminium gates, automatic gates
aluminium gates, gate automation

Cambridge City Council

Cambridge City Council now has a pair of fully-boarded aluminium swing gates in use for vehicle access. These manual gates are finished with a wood effect coating with a ten year guarantee. These gates are unaffected by weathering and the problems wooden gates face.

swing gates, aluminium gates, wooden gates
Underground gate automation, aluminium gates

Underground Automation

These swing gates have been installed in Sand Banks in Poole in Dorset. This is a nut wood effect finish and underground gate automation to give style and functionality in this exclusive area.*

Lightweight aluminium gates

Articulated Arm Automation

A great benefit of aluminium gates is their light weight, so 24V automation with obstacle detection can be used for added safety. These articulated arm motors would normally be used on smaller gates or open panel gates where wind could pass through without increasing the force required to open and close them.

Aluminium Gates Installed in 2008

These aluminium swing gates were installed in 2008 and have received practically no maintenance. When an underground motor that had sat in water failed, we were called to identify and replace it. The installer photographed the gates for us to show how they’d survived six years of use and still looked great.*

Aluminium gates

Beech Effect Aluminium Gates

These aluminium, automated swing gates look remarkably like beech set within a metal frame. However, unlike all wooden gates, these won’t rot, warp, twist, crack, shrink or expand. In years to come, they will look just as they do now with minimal maintenance.*

Aluminium gate, sliding gate, automatic gate
Aluminium gates, sliding gates, automatic gates
Aluminium gate, automatic gate, sliding gate
Aluminium gate, swing gate, sliding gate, automatic gate

Aluminium Sliding Gate

This sliding gate shows how well the mock swing gate design works and how well a sliding gate can be unobtrusive and out of the way when open. As it slides against the wall, however, safety considerations should ensure that no-one can get trapped between the sliding gate and the wall.

Aluminium gate, electric gate, sliding automatic gate
aluminium gate, automatic gate, electric gate

Aluminium Sliding Gate

This sliding aluminum gate has an adjacent pedestrian gate to allow quick access for foot traffic without having to fully or partially open the main sliding gate. The second image, taken from inside the property, shows how the gate slides safely into an inaccessible area.

aluminium gates, gate automation, electric gates
aluminium swing gates, gate automation, electric gates

Two Examples of Automatic Swing Gates

These two examples of fully boarded, aluminium gates show different forms of automation. The black gates are seen from inside the property to show the articulated arm motors, while the white gates show how discrete underground gate automation can be.

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Please note that the gates illustrated may not be completed installations with all safety features in place.


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Gates marked with an asterisk (*) are from our Premium range of Star gates. All others are from our Standard Star range.