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Aluminium Gate Installations

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White aluminium swing gates
Aluminium gates

Simple Style

These aluminium gates are white with vertical infill. Their only extravagance is a double curved top. They even use underground gate automation to maintain their simple and clean lines. Someone on Facebook commented that these would look good in black and they’re right!

Aluminium gates
Aluminium swing gates bell curved top

Aluminium Gate Additions

These aluminium gates with wood effect finish look great. But what makes them really special are the finishing touches. Have a look at the carriage lights on the gate pillars. Not only are these effective for illuminating the driveway in the dark, but they also look fantastic with these gates.

wooden gates vs aluminium gates
wooden gates replaced by aluminium gates

Replacement Aluminium Gates

Wooden gates quickly show their age unless regularly maintained. These were replaced with new classic style aluminium gates. They have open-boarded top sections to give a more welcoming and stylish first impression of this installation near Watford. You can see more of our classic aluminium gate range here.

Modern style aluminium gate

Modern Aluminium Gates

Our Modern Range of aluminium gates is becoming more and more popular. These are great examples of a bespoke gate design working beautifully with the surroundings and home. See more modern aluminium gate styles here.

aluminium gtes
aluminium gates

Stylish Aluminium Gates

These contemporary aluminium swing gates and matching pedestrian gate use underground gate automation and feature modern designs. Click to see more of our contemporary aluminium gate designs here.

aluminium gates
aluminium gates

Driveway Swing Gates

These part boarded aluminium swing gates use articulated arm gate motors. This aluminium gate installation is also in green which is perfect for these half boarded aluminium gates.

aluminum gates
aluminium gates

Driveway Gates

Swing gates with side pedestrian access gate. This aluminium gate installation makes perfect use of the space to get both driveway gates and pedestrian access gates.

aluminium gates
aluminium gates

Rear Security Gates

Set within a communal garage block, the access to the rear of this property is completely open without gates. This design allows limited view from the property without closing off the area between neighbours’ garages which would have made it very dark.

aluminium gate
aluminium gates

Gates for Unusual Width

These fully boarded aluminium gates show the perfect example of clever gate design. This gap was too small for double swing gates, a single swing gate would have been too big and a sliding gate was not ideal. The solution was a swing gate for vehicle access and an adjacent pedestrian gate. This allows pedestrian access without having to open the vehicle gate.

aluminium gates, driveway gates. wooden gates
aluminium gates

Bespoke Aluminium Gates

As with wooden gates, aluminium gates can be made to bespoke designs. This single sliding aluminium gate is designed to look like two swing gates and has a novel design with cut-out sections and fully boarded diagonal infill. They are also in a bold red colour which works beautifully with the beech surround.

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Please note that the gates illustrated may not be completed installations with all safety features in place.


Our Aluminium Gate Installation Network

Our aluminium gates are supplied through a network of preferred installers. We’re adding to the portfolio of installed gate images regularly and can send you regular updates if you want.

We develop sales leads for our aluminium gate installation network and also provide them with free marketing, product, technical, automation and safety support.

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Aluminium gate installer

Gates marked with an asterisk (*) are from our Premium range of Star gates. All others are from our Standard Star range.