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Aluminium Gate Installations

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Installed aluminium sliding gate
Is this a wooden sliding gate

Double Swing Gates Or Single Slider

One of the great design features possible with sliding aluminium gates is making them look like double swing gates. This one looks like double swing gates at first glance, but look closely and you’ll see the wheels near the centre and edges. This is a single sliding gate designed to look like double swing gates.

Old wrought iron gate
New aluminium gates and pedestrian access
New aluminium gates
New aluminium gates detail

Ornate Gates In Aluminium

The first of these images shows the original iron gates sagging on their hinges. The rest are pictures of the new gates including details of the pedestrian side gate and ornate design. A major requirement of this job was that the style of the original gates was closely copied by the replacements.

Our Alutrend range of ornate premium gates was chosen and installed with underground motors from Came.

Aluminium is an amazingly versatile material that can be formed into almost any shape. These aluminium extrusions and mouldings have been designed to look just like iron gates. But aluminium doesn’t rust like iron and is much lighter. So these gates are safer, don’t need powerful motors to open and close them and will never need to be treated for rust.

Old, tired wooden gate
New aluminium gate

Before And After

These wooden gates (on the left) had suffered badly with flaking paint. This had exposed the wood to the elements which had also affected the gates.

The replacement aluminium gates (on the right) had a novel style from our Alutrend range of ornately styled premium aluminium gates. This worked perfectly for these large estate entrance gates.

aluminium driveway gates
Wood-look aluminium swing gates 2

Real Wood or Aluminium?

These aluminium gates perfectly mimic wood. The finish has a wood grain and variations in colour to look like Oak. And the aluminium extrusions are shaped to look just like cut wood. Finally, all the components are assembled in the same way as a wooden gate to finish the effect perfectly.  But there’s no rot like wooden gates!

Green aluminium swing gates
Pedestrian aluminium gates at large property

Aluminium Gate Operation

These aluminium gates are installed at the entrance to a driveway that rises. This means that if they opened inward, there is a risk of them grounding as they open. One way to solve this is to raise them further from the ground when shut but this creates a large gap under the gates. In this instance, there was enough room on the property to allow the gates to open outward without crossing footpaths or opening into the road.

Dark aluminum sliding gates
Dark aluminum swing gates

Choosing Darker Colours

Both of these examples of aluminium gates are in darker colours that work perfectly with the brick pillars and property. The first is a sliding gate with side pedestrian access. The second has the same pedestrian access but is a double swing gate set-up.

aluminium driveway gates
aluminium gate installers

Modern Aluminium Gates

Our Modern Range of aluminium gates is becoming more and more popular. These are great examples of two different modern designs. The first is a sliding aluminium gate with flat top. The second is a pair of swing gates with a curved top.

Aluminium swing gates and pedestrian side gate
Aluminium swing gates and pedestrian side gate 2

Wood Look Gates

These aluminium gates look amazingly like wood. They almost have to be touched before you realise they’re not made from wood.

Dark aluminum sliding gates2
Dark aluminum sliding gates

Dark Sliding Gates

Here’s a simple aluminium sliding gate set-up in a dark colour. This one shows you the same gates from the inside and the outside. You can see the motor in the first image and get an idea of how the gate slides along the wall as it opens. It’s a great way to maximise space if you have the room to slide the gate into as it opens.

Aluminium gate with wood effect finish
Aluminium gate with wood effect finish

Great Budget Options

Aluminium gates don’t have to be huge and ornate. They can simply provide the security and look you need for any vehicle or pedestrian access.

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Please note that the gates illustrated may not be completed installations with all safety features in place.


Our Aluminium Gate Network Installations

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Gates marked with an asterisk (*) are from our Premium range of Star gates. All others are from our Standard Star range.