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Aluminium Gate Installations

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Sliding wood look aluminium gates
Sliding aluminium wood look gate

Traditional Wood Look Slider

These aluminium gates slide neatly along the wall at the front of this property. When fully open, they take up very little space.

Swing gates need clear room inside the gates to move through as they open and close.

Swing gates in grey aluminium
Aluminium swing gates

Gates Against The House

These aluminium gates are installed against the house at the entrance to the side driveway and garage. They could have been installed at the entrance to the property but the opening was quite wide and the driveway rises. Both of these would have made the swing gates that the owners wanted, quite wide and high off the ground when closed.

Neglected rotten wooden sliding gate
Replacement aluminium wood-effect sliding gate

Before And After

We see this all the time. Wooden gates that have deteriorated badly and need replacing. These were typical of the sort of wooden gates that had looked good when new  but were now seriously detracting from the property. By replacing them with another sliding gate in a wood look finish, the owners have the look they wanted without the problems.

Planning permission for aluminium gates
Installed aluminium swing gates

Aluminium Gate Installation

This isn’t something we get the chance to show much but it’s a work in progress shot for a complete gate installation. There was quite a bit to do in this installation including laying special cables in the driveway. These operate the gates when a car passes over them. This installation also used underground gate motors so pits with suitable drainage had to be dug for the motor housings.

Aluminium infill in steel framed gate
Blue aluminium pedestrian side gate

Unusual Aluminium Gates

The first of these gates illustrates a growing trend. It’s built from aluminium infill sections inside an outer frame.  The right hand gates are for a side passage security. Here a pedestrian gate and wider gate with letterbox have been integrated.

Sliding gate in aluminium
Sliding aluminium gate against wall

Urban Sliding Gates

In many towns and cities, people want gates to secure their property but space can be limited. This is a great example of the problem and an ideal solution. Here, a single aluminium gate slides alongside the front wall of the property when it opens and closes. This frees up all the space inside the gates.

Aluminium sliding gate with steel frame
Aluminium sliding gate from the inside

Steel Frame – Aluminium Infill

The owners of these gates wanted wooden panels inside a steel frame with ornate steel mouldings on top. They didn’t want the problems wood presents though so went for these aluminium infill panels in a wood-look finish. The end result gives them exactly what they wanted for the design but with non of the worries about maintaining wood.

Cantilever aluminium gate
Aluminium cantilever gate

Cantilever Aluminium Gates

Some see the track that a sliding gate runs along as something they’d rather not have. So, here’s the solution if you have the space. A cantilever gate uses a counterbalanced design where all the weight is taken by rollers at the motor. Aluminium gates are perfect for cantilever gates as they’re so light.

Short aluminium swing gates
Articulated arm motor on aluminium swing gate

Articulated Arm Gate Motors

These lovely, low aluminium gates in dark grey use articulated arm gate motors for their operation. With no need to dig up driveways for underground motor installation, these gate motors provide a simple yet highly effective way to automate aluminium gates.

Wood effect aluminium gates
Entrance gates in wood-effect aluminium

Wood Finish Aluminium Gates

Traditional double curved top design, swing gates and a wood-look finish. These represent the epitome of the traditional English driveway gates. You need to get close to even begin to wonder if they’re not actually made of wood. And it’s only after they’ve been in place for a number of years, and show no signs of rot, that you can be sure that these are aluminium gates.

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Please note that the gates illustrated may not be completed installations with all safety features in place.


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