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Recent Aluminium Gate Installations

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Golden oak sliding aluminium gate
Manual aluminium oak finish swing gates

Wood-Effect Aluminium Gate Finishes

These aluminium gates are finished with a wood-effect protective surface coating. This keeps the aluminium protected from the elements and minor knocks. It also makes the gates look incredibly close to real wood but with none of the drawback wooden gates face.

Framed aluminium sliding gate
Framed aluminium gates

Framed aluminium driveway gates

These aluminium gates are assembled from extruded aluminium infill panels contained in a frame. This design is often created with wooden infill in a steel frame. In the second image you can see one of the original wooden gates on the right and the aluminium replacement infill installed in the existing frame on the left.

Designer aluminium gates
Contemporary design aluminium driveway gates

Modern and Contemporary Gate Design

Aluminium is great for working with and a wide range of gate designs are possible as a result. These two examples are finished in the modern anthracite grey colour but their designs are quite different. Both are swing gates but the first incorporates horizontal panels showing the property name. The second is a curvier, more flowing design suited to the more traditional property.

Aluminium driveway swing gates
Aluminium driveway gates opening

Wood-Effect Aluminium Gates In Operation

These aluminium gates are shown closed and in operation. As they’re swing gates, they need space to move through as they open to 90 degrees. In most cases, swing gates open inward so that they don’t open onto pavements or the road. Outward opening gates can be used where they are sited within the property and will not open onto public land.

Sliding gate and pedestrian gate
Pedestiran and sliding gates
Pedestrian gate in wood effect finish

Modern Wood-Effect Slider and Pedestrian Gate

This is a lovely combination of traditional wood finish with a modern design. And, while a wooden gate would show weathering soon after installation, these aluminium gates will stay looking new for years to come.

Aluminiu swing gates with no automation
Grey aluminium swing gates

Gates Mounted on Brick Piers

These aluminium gates are installed on thick, brick pillars or piers. In this case, to allow many different types of gate automation, the gates are wider than the space between the pillars. This allows these gates to be mounted on the back of the pillars as they open inwards.

Sliding aluminium grey gate
Sliding aluminium grey gates

Sliding Aluminium Gate on a Sloping Driveway

This aluminium siding gate opens onto a steeply sloping driveway. The installer has mounted the gate track and support along the wall. This ensures that the gate opens and closes horizontally.

Sliding aluminium wood look gate
Aluminium swing gates
Wood look steel framed aluminium slider
Aluminium wood effect framed gates

Aluminium Gates In Steel Frame

The combination of wooden panels as inserts in a steel frame looks great but has one major drawback, the wood will eventually rot.

Replacing the wooden infill with wood-look aluminium panels removes the problem but looks just like the real thing.

Simple, curved top dark swing gates
Dark aluminium swing gates with open boarded top

Dark Aluminium Gates

Wood effect aluminium gates look beautiful and just like real wooden gates. But for some, simple, darker coloured gates are the perfect choice. Here are two examples of dark grey or black gates that are incredibly stylish.

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Please note that the gates illustrated may not be completed installations with all safety features in place.


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