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Recent Aluminium Gate Installations

Aluminium gate installation galleries on this page show before and after images, different finishes, including wood effect, and examples of aluminium gate automation.

They were all installed within the last few months and give you an idea of the variety of aluminium gate installations.

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sliding aluminium gate in anthracite grey
Aluminium sliding gate from inside

Inside and Out

Automatic gates are designed to look most impressive from the outside. With all but underground automation, the motors that operate a gate should only be seen from the inside. With this sliding aluminium gate in anthracite grey, it’s not until you’re inside looking out that you see any of the controls and motors that move the gate.

Aluminium swing gates in grey

Bell Curve Top Aluminium Gates

Many of our aluminium gates are either flat topped or curved top. The slightly more unusual variant of the curved top is the bell curved top. Here, you can see a pair of swing gaes and a slider designed to look like two swing gates. Each gate leaf on the swing gates and each half of the slider have the double curve that makes the bell curved top.

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Please note that the gates illustrated may not be completed installations with all safety features in place.


Our Network of Aluminium Gate Installations

Our aluminium gates are supplied through a network of preferred installers. We’re adding to the portfolio of installed gate images regularly and can send you regular updates if you want.

We develop sales leads for our aluminium gate installation network and also provide them with free marketing, product, technical, automation and safety support.

We’re always interested to hear from gate installers who are interested in installing our aluminium gates so email us or call us on 033 022 34800 to find out how you can benefit from installing aluminium gates.

Aluminium gate installer

Gates marked with an asterisk (*) are from our Premium range of Star gates. All others are from our Standard Star range.