A total of more than 422,000 burglaries in England and Wales was recorded in 2018-19.

And, while it is impossible to eliminate the possibility of your property being burgled, there are steps you can take to deter criminals from targeting where you live.

They include:


One of the most effective burglar deterrents is a CCTV camera.

Not only does a potential burglar, upon seeing one, know that you are serious about your home security, but also legally you must post a notice that states the public is being recorded. 

The latest systems permit you to stream directly to a phone, tablet, or computer, so whether you’re at work, on holiday or even at home, you can see who is in, or close to, your property. 

It can be a challenge to bring a burglar to justice, but with CCTV being useful in 62.2 per cent of investigations, investing in a high-quality CCTV system is sufficient to make an intruder reconsider.


According to surveys, three quarters of UK homes have no security alarm installed.

However, the reality is that a decent one can act as a crucial line of defence in scaring off intruders. 

Many are now able to alert you to any movement in your home as well as identify if windows or doors are being opened. 

This type of system, combined with an audible alarm, will stop any potential thief in their tracks while alerting either you, a security company, or even the police. 

Motion sensor lights

Although the majority of break-ins happen in the middle of the day, burglars that are targeting your home at night will likely be looking to gain entry in areas where they can be hidden. 

Parts of your property that provide opportunities for concealment, such as behind large vehicles, trees, walls, and sheds, are perfect for burglars. 

However, by installing motion sensor lights in these areas you can help keep your property secure while alerting yourself, and neighbours, to any movement. 

Timed indoor lights

It may be an old trick, but having your indoor lights on a timer is still a perfect way to deter burglars.

One survey discovered 57 per cent of people in the UK keep their lights on to make it look like someone is home. 

There are many timer systems that can connect directly to your mobile or tablet device, granting you complete control no matter where you are in the world. 

They can schedule different patterns of illumination each day, guaranteeing that lights turn on randomly at reasonable times. 

Having your lights on at 3am, for instance, is unlikely to send a message that you are legitimately at home.

With that in mind, these systems turn lights on and off throughout the course of an evening to give the appearance that someone is moving around the property. 

This can be easily achieved using Smart plugs, which connect to a device providing you have Wi-Fi. 

They not only allow you to control your lighting remotely, but also electronics such as a TV or a radio. 

Again, by turning those on randomly, or at set times, alongside your lighting can help to give an impression that your home is genuinely occupied. 

Secure boundaries

Depending on the size of your property, you may want to consider securing its boundaries. 

Broken gates, loose panels in fences and crumbling brickwork are all prime access points for burglars to sneak in unnoticed. 

With 47 per cent of burglaries carried out in the spur of the moment, it has never been more important to secure your home from the outside. 

If a potential burglar or intruder walks by, you will not want them to notice something that makes your property an easy target. 

Security gates

Deterring someone from trespassing onto your property can come down to something as simple as a gate. With 34 per cent of burglars using the front door to break in, having a security gate is a perfect additional line of defence to stop them getting that far. 

Nothing says that you take your security seriously like a large, remote-controlled security gate because this type of physical barrier typically indicates your property has other security features. 

By installing a sturdy aluminium gate, your home will appear impregnable, and is less likely to be targeted as a result.

Burglars know that climbing a fence looks conspicuous, and won’t want to risk being caught. 

The more time and effort an intruder is required to put in to breaking into your property, the less likely they are to attempt to. 

Aluminium gates are the ideal solution when seeking to make a property feel more secure, both for you and other family members.

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