Driveway Aluminium Gates From Stargates

Driveway Aluminium Gates From Stargates - Call 033 022 34800

Driveway Aluminium Gates From Stargates - Call 033 022 34800

Aluminium Gates

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Stargate’s aluminium gates give you the following benefits over alternative materials:

  • They look as beautiful and natural as wooden gates but they don’t need the maintenance
  • Their tough coating is guaranteed for ten years
  • They are light and strong and have a five year structural guarantee
  • Swing or sliding gate automation can be added
  • They can be coated in a wide range of coloured and textured finishes. This includes incredibly realistic wooden looking styles
  • There is a wide range of different styles including modern, contemporary, traditional and design.

You can order gates in just a few clicks and pay online.

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Gate Installation

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Our network of qualified aluminium gate installers covers most of the UK. Contact us now if you’re looking for a quote or you’re ready to have aluminium gates installed.

Our installers are in demand and often booked a few months ahead. So, the sooner you get in contact, the sooner an installer can be booked if you decide to go ahead.

Call us on 033 022 34800 or use our form to tell us what you need. If you’d prefer for us to call you, click the Call Me Back button below.

We will call you immediately to answer any questions. This callback service is available between 8.30am and 5.00pm on weekdays excluding Bank Holidays.

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How To Choose The Perfect Aluminium Gates For Your Home

1: Gate Examples

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2: Gate Price Ideas

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3: Gate Automation

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4: Gate Installation

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Aluminium Gates Perfectly Mimic Steel And Wooden Gates

Our range of aluminium gates are finished in a wide range of coloured and wood-look coatings.

  • These tough surface finishes are guaranteed for ten years – Stargate aluminium gates require virtually no maintenance.
  • A periodic wipe down keeps them looking as good as new – Aluminium gates don’t rot, warp, crack, dry out or soak up water.
  • The physical changes that stop wooden gates opening and closing properly don’t affect aluminium – Aluminium gates are perfect for automation.
  • They are strong yet light and do not expand and contract like wood – And now you can have your own, low maintenance, long lasting, beautiful aluminium gates without breaking the bank.

If first impressions count and you want the beauty of wooden gates, don’t compromise – choose our aluminium alternatives for your home.

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Call 033 022 34800 now

Call 033 022 34800 now

Aluminum Gate Prices For Your Perfect Gates

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You can select the features you want in your ideal aluminium gates using our aluminium gate pricing tool . It keeps track of what you’re selecting and gives you a price for your chosen configuration.

You need a qualified gate installer to visit your home to get a full survey. Consequently, this isn’t a gate ordering tool. But it does allow you to play with gates styles, colours and finishes  to see what your choice of gate looks like and costs.

Click the following link to get prices for your ideal aluminium gates.

Call 033 022 34800 now

Call 033 022 34800 now

We Also Install The Latest Gate Automation

Gate automation turns a pair of manual swing gates or a single sliding gate into an impressive, secure and effortless way of arriving at and leaving your home.

Read more about aluminium gate automation here.

Call 033 022 34800 now

Call 033 022 34800 now

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