CL04 (3)
CL01 (3)
CL01 (1)
CL07 (4)
CL04 (5)
CL03 (4)
CL05 (7)
CL03 (8)
CL07 (7)
CL05 (6)
CL08 (2)
CL06 (5)
Clarks Security (7)
DS19 (1)
DS17 (1)
CL08 (1)
CL06 (8)
SM04 (1)
Door & Gatekraft (6)
Surelock Security (4)

The Stargate Aluminium Gate Gallery plays automatically.

You can move between pictures using the arrows at the sides of each image.

Hold your curser over the gallery to stop the player on any image you like.

We’ve included a variety of aluminium gate designs, colours and infills. There are aluminium sliding gates, swing gates, pedestrian gates and fences.

If you don’t see what you are looking for in our aluminium gate gallery, please call us on 033 022 34800.

Bi-Parting Sliding Aluminium Gates