Aluminium Driveway Gates

Why Choose Aluminium For Your Driveway Gates?

Aluminium vs The Alternatives

The benefits of aluminium driveway gates over alternative gate construction materials are many and include:

  • Aluminium gates are much lighter than equivalent iron, steel and wood gates
  • Gates made from aluminium can be kept looking new simply with a damp cloth periodically
  • Aluminium does not rot like wood or corrode like steel and iron
  • Sections of aluminium can be coated with a variety of finishes including wood-grain
  • Aluminium gates do not flex, expand and contract or warp like wood
  • A gate made from aluminium sections is bolted , bonded or welded together
  • Aluminium sections are easily cut to shape. They are easily extruded to form the components of aluminium gates
  • Unlike wood, aluminium doesn’t absorb water

Aluminium is an essential part of our lives. It is used in a huge variety of familiar items from drinks cans to aeroplanes.

Home-owners benefit from aluminium’s corrosion-resistance and light weight, but they don’t restrict their choice of style or finish.

The StarGate range of Aluminium driveway gates are strong, beautiful and free from rot or rust.

Aluminium is one of nature’s miracle materials. Because it is light, easy to cut and shape, aluminium can be welded, bonded, riveted or bolted together. For this reason it provides years of low-to-no maintenance in all weathers.

Aluminium driveway gates are constructed from extruded sections of aluminium. These are contoured to perfectly mimic the wood elements used to build wooden gates. For this reason, they can be assembled so that they match the finished construction of wooden gates as closely as possible.

Consequently, our aluminium gates look incredibly similar to wooden and iron gates. Additionally, they can also be repaired easily by only replacing damaged sections.

Aluminium Gate Installation

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