Aluminium Pedestrian Gates

Aluminium Pedestrian Gates For Larger Properties

A pedestrian gate installed alongside driveway vehicle gates makes perfect sense if you have the space. Rather than having to open and close the driveway gates to leave or return on foot, a manual locking pedestrian gate allows controlled pedestrian access.

Avoiding the use of automated driveway gates to enter or leave your property on foot, takes away any concerns about being recognised by the gate’s safety features. It also ensures that vehicles and pedestrians don’t try and use the same aluminium gates at the same time.


Aluminium Pedestrian Gates For Smaller Properties


Wooden side gates replaced by aluminium pedestrian side gates provide a much stronger locking mechanism that can’t be forced open with crowbars as easily as a wooden side gate.

With prices starting at under £100, these gates are comparable to hardwood gates but without any issues with rot.

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While many of us have driveways that would benefit from automatic gates, many more do not. This doesn’t mean that additional security and visual impact can’t be provided by Aluminium driveway gates with pedestrian access.

Even the smallest terrace house with only a low wall separating it from the public pavement in front of it can have an aluminium gate.