Wooden Gates


This is a pair of bell-curved top swing gates. They are fully boarded with a diagonal infill pattern. Gate automation is provided by underground motors.


These are fully boarded swing gates. The central infill sections are enclosed in black steel frames.



This is a modern design sliding gate. It has broad horizontal infill.



These are fully boarded swing gates. The central infill sections are enclosed in black steel frames.

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Wooden Gates vs Aluminium Gates

Wooden Gates are hugely popular in the UK. They can be beautiful and wood is ideal for many different designs. But now, many wooden gates are being replaced by aluminium gates. Why is this? Read on and you’ll see why the benefits of wooden gates cannot beat the best alternative for your driveway gates.

Wooden gates will eventually rot no matter how much they are painted or treated. Wood also absorbs water when it’s wet and dries out in the sun. Consequently, wooden gates change size; they expand when wet and shrink as they dry out. This means that hinges have to deal with the changing weight of the gates they support. Paint cracks and joints slowly open up.

Wood is beautiful but it will weather and eventually look less beautiful.


Wooden gate or aluminium gate?


Wooden gate or aluminium gate?

In an ideal world, it would be possible to buy gates made in a lighter but stronger material. It would be possible to buy gates that had a finish that made them look almost exactly like wooden gates. This finish would be guaranteed for ten years and require nothing more than a wipe down with a wet cloth to keep it looking new. And these miracle gates would cost the same as the equivalent hardwood wooden gates.

So are these two pictures of wooden gates or aluminium gates? They’re both aluminium of course.

What Goes Wrong With Wooden Gates?

The images on the right show the typical problems faced by wooden gate owners. These are beautiful gates. There is no denying their style and design are fabulous.

However, there are now huge gaps where there were originally tight joints. The gates have dropped on their hinges so that they no longer meet in the middle properly.

Ignoring the peeling varnish, cracks in the gate posts and the first signs of rot, and it’s got to be disappointing for the gates’ owners that they have been installed for only one year.

Wooden-gate-problems Wooden-gate-problems

Old Wooden Gates Replaced By New Aluminium Gates

The following images show a few examples of our customers’ old wooden gates and their replacement aluminium gates.


Wooden gates that have rotted as much as the ones on the left don’t do any property justice. The sliding aluminium gate replacement looks like wooden gates but only needs an occasional wipe with a damp cloth to stay looking new for years.

Old Wooden Gate

These wooden gates show the same issues as the ones above. They rotted, cracked, dropped on their hinges and discoloured. By contrast, the replacement aluminium gates were installed over 15 years ago and this is a recent photo!


Wooden gates are usually painted or treated with a wood preservative such as creosote. They are often quite dark and this can make them imposing and not very welcoming. Stargate aluminium gates are available in a wide range of finishes and customers often choose a lighter solution when replacing wooden gates.

Old Wooden Gate
Aluminium Gate

Lighter wooden gates, like the ones on the left, badly show all cracks, rot and any growth of algae etc. The owners cleverly replaced theirs with the same coloured aluminium gates but chose a half boarded design to make their property more inviting.

Replacement aluminum gates

Here’s a great example of how replacing tired wooden gates with new aluminium gates can also solve problems other than rot and decay. In this instance, rotten wooden swing gates took up lots of space when they opened into the homeowner’s drive. The replacement aluminium gates look like swing gates but are actually a single sliding gate that neatly slides along the wall as it opens.

Wooden Gates vs Aluminium Gates

Aluminium is one of nature’s miracle materials. It is light, easy to cut and shape, can be welded, bonded, riveted or bolted together and it provides years of low to no maintenance in all weathers.

In essence, aluminium is the perfect material for manual or automatic gates.

Raw materialRequires structuring landscape
Creates Omni cultures
Requires transport
Requires mining
Requires transport
Requires processing
ManufactureUses chemicals for treatments to preserve
Uses energy
Waste can be turned into other products
Uses energy
No waste
LifetimeLimited life
Depends on reuse of noxious chemicals
Long life
No maintenance
After lifeRot or burn, adding to carbon in atmosphere99% recycled

Aluminium Gates

If you’re looking for new gates, Stargate’s ranges of aluminium gates give you the following benefits over alternative materials:

• They look as beautiful and natural as wooden gates but don’t need the maintenance
• They have a tough coating that is guaranteed for ten years
• They are light and strong
• They have a structural guarantee that lasts for five years
• Adding swing or sliding gate automation is easy
• They can be coated in a wide range of coloured and textured finishes including incredibly realistic wooden looking styles



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Which Of These Are Wooden Gates?


I’m sure you’ve already guessed but these are all aluminium gates designed to perfectly mimic wood.

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