Aluminium Fences

Adaptable to the shape and size of any property

The Star Aluminium Fence system is the most effective way to enclose your garden, patio, pool or complete grounds to provide you with comfort and privacy.

The modular design accommodates any difference in ground level, the inclusion of driveway and pedestrian gates, and any openings in the fence depending on your unique needs.


Aluminium Fences from Stargates are weatherproof and protect your family

Aluminium fences are much stronger than wooden fences, and they are resistant to rot, corrosion and decay. This means that aluminium fences doen’t need painting or treating every year to stay looking as good as new.

When the boundary to your property is protected by Star Aluminium Fencing, you also know you don’t have to worry about broken panels or fences getting blown over in strong winds.

Your property – your character

With options for different heights, colours, design styles, and open and closed panelling, the Star aluminium fence system allows the creation of a unique, decorative and protective boundary. This is tailored to the physical size and shape of your property and to your home and garden’s style.

Star aluminium fencing means that you are no longer restricted to the design limitations and the weaknesses of wooden fencing. You can forget maintenance and you can have the boundary protection that you want for your home.

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How To Measure Your Fence


How To Install Aluminium Fencing

Fence-installation Fence-installation
Fence-installation Fence-installation