Aluminium Gate Warranty



Manufacturer’s guarantee = 5 years

Surface finish guarantee = 10 years


The Benefits Of Aluminium Gates

Aluminium is perfect for the fabrication of beautiful, long-lasting, low-maintenance gates.

This thoroughly modern material can be formed into all sorts of shapes and coated in a wide variety of colours, textures and spectacular wood finishes.

The Advantages of Aluminium include:

  • Lightweight
  • Strong
  • Huge choice of colours
  • VERY low maintenance
  • No swell
  • No shrink
  • No warp
  • No twist
  • No rot
  • Delivered finished and ready to fit
  • Made to measure
  • High corrosion resistance
  • 10 year guarantee on finish
  • 100% recyclable

Our aluminium gates are constructed to European standards, but must be installed correctly to ensure safety and quality.

Installers must comply with the requirements set out in the standard EN13241-1 in order to meet the requirements of European standards.

Certification tests and initial type testing on the gates are carried out by official organisations under the responsibility of the European Union.



Qualicoat guarantee

Certified Company

Manufacturer’s quality management procedure guarantee – EN ISO 9001 – 2015

  1. The guarantee is strictly limited to the supply, repair or replacement of defective parts or profiles.
  2. The removal and installation of the products or the cost of transporting the product under warranty are not included.
  3. The guarantee will be effective only after the recognition by the technical services of the company that the defect is not from misuse, improper installation or repair by the customer.
  4. The corporate responsibility is strictly limited to the replacement, pure and simple, for each part or profile that are recongnized as non-conforming and returned to the factory in their original condition within one month after the arrival of the product with the customer.
  5. The guarantee service does not have the effect of extending the duration of it.
  6. The guarantee is automatically suspended if the conditions of use as defined by the technical documents provided by the company were not met.