If you’ve been thinking about getting aluminium gates, but are unsure if you can afford them, you may be surprised.

For a long time, homeowners were persuaded to buy gates made from wood because they were noticeably cheaper than metal alternatives.

That has now changed, meaning the choice is no longer as clear-cut if price is a significant factor in your thinking.

Aluminium gates are assembled from cut, extruded sections that simply bolt together, positioning them – as the title above suggests – as a more affordable solution for a buyer.

In this post, we examine why you should consider them, before explaining how to choose the right ones.

We’ll also cover their price, as well as how the installation process works.

Why choose aluminium gates?

There are several compelling reasons why aluminium is the best material for driveway gates.

Stunning looks

Where aesthetics is concerned, aluminium gates can be designed to appear just as natural and pleasing to the eye as those made from other materials, like steel or wood, but without the same maintenance demands.

There is a wide range of colours to choose from, including a wood-effect style that looks like the genuine article.

Easy to look after

Providing the protective finish gives your aluminium gates their texture, colour or wood-effect hasn’t sustained damage, all they need is a periodic wipe down to remain looking as fresh as they did on the day of installation.

Wooden gates, in contrast, need additional care and attention to maintain them because of their vulnerability to rot.


Aluminium is resistant to corrosion.

In contrast to other metals used in construction, such as iron or steel, rust won’t be a problem.

The protective coating on aluminium gates is guaranteed to last for at least 10 years because it is unaffected by challenges presented by the extremes of weather.


Adding automation to your system can make entry to, and exit from, your premises less hassle, and it is available as an option for both swing and sliding gates.

Aluminium gates require less force to stop and start, which helps if you opt for automation since lighter materials do not the same force to move them and stop them moving as heavier alternatives.

This places less strain on motors and requires less electricity..

Additionally, if a solar-powered backup is used, it will operate lighter driveway gates more frequently before stored power is depleted.

Aluminium gates: pricing and delivery

If you have decided to go ahead and buy aluminium gates, then you will want a solution that meets your individual needs.

You’ll also want to know how much they are likely to cost.

Stock aluminium gates

Stargates offers a small range, in terms of size, style and colour, of pre-designed gates.

Browse the catalogue here.

Products from this range will be delivered within one week of you placing an order.

They are priced at between £1,500 and £2,200, with a delivery fee of £150 applying to the larger sliding or swing gates and £100 for smaller pedestrian ones.

Alterations can be made, for a minimal charge, to the height of these during assembly but not to the width.

Any changes will add time to the delivery process, but the length of a delay will be communicated to you when you order.

Made-to-measure aluminium gates

Tailor-made aluminium gates from our full range of styles and finishes take longer and are built to order in six to eight weeks (excluding scheduled disruptions during the summer and at Christmas).

Our factory closes in the summer for three weeks from June 15, and again for a fortnight from October 8.

This is just for the bespoke gates option, while orders from stocked range are processed as normal during these periods.

Prices for these gates are determined by their specifications, with measurements required for the height of the pillars the gate will be mounted on, the width between them, and the height of the gate itself.

You will need a qualified gate installer to take these in a survey.

Other features like electric or mechanical locking mechanisms and above ground or underground automation will increase the cost.

Aluminium gate installation

As mentioned, you should ask a professional to install your gates and automate them if required.

Stargates can recommend a suitable installer near you with the required skill and experience.

They can advise you on the gates’ installation and its requirements, as well as measuring everything accurately.

Afterwards, you’ll receive a comprehensive quote that will show you the total cost and how it breaks down.

Aluminium gate automation

Automating your aluminium gates is an effective way of making the arrival at, and departure from, your property both impressive and effortless.

It needs the same careful workmanship required to install the gates themselves.

Specialist installers are in demand, meaning their work diary fills quickly.

With that in mind, and if you like what you have read, then it’s best to get in touch with one as soon as possible to arrange for your automatic aluminium gates to be fitted.

Stargates manufactures a wide range of stunning aluminium gates, all of which can be found in their classic, contemporary, modern and design ranges.

Call us today on 033 022 24800, or send an email to [email protected], to begin a conversation about which option is the best for you.