Electric gates are an excellent means of ensuring a very high level of security at your property, but this will only be a benefit if you install them correctly.

Should you, therefore, install your own electric gates, or have this done professionally?

Here we look at the issues you must deal with if you decide to install electric gates yourself.

Do the Gates Work Manually?

Although you have decided to install electric gates, obviously, they must still first work properly as manual gate.

Your electric gate will only work if you have installed it properly, and the way to tell this is if it works manually.

Have You Chosen the Right Location?

Electric gates are sophisticated pieces of automated equipment, and certain locations or situations will cause difficulties in their operation.

A major one of these is if you attempt to position them uphill. Slopes cause problems for electric gates, putting a strain on their automated mechanism.

Similarly, because they are powered by an underground electric motor, this needs to be in a place where it won’t be affected by water. The location of the underground motor must have sufficient drainage.

What are You Doing About Access and Gate Control?

Planning is critical when it comes to installing electric gates. You should consider how visitors and pedestrians will access your property, if you haven’t included a dedicated gate for them.

Will access also be an issue for tradespeople who call? How will they contact someone to grant access?

Normally the solution here will be a keypad or intercom system.

In fact, altogether, you must be clear about your control system for opening and closing the electric gates before you install them.

There are various options for gate controllers, including the keypad we’ve already mentioned, but also remote control devices, card access or via a global system for mobile (GSM).

Have You Chosen Suitable Gate Controllers?

The gate opening equipment needs to match the specification of the electric gates. If there is a mismatch, or the openers do not meet the specification of the rest of the hardware, then you are likely to face problems in opening and shutting your gates.

Given that alongside security, one of the key benefits of electric gates is convenience, this is not an outcome you want.

What Can Go Wrong With Electric Gates?

Electric gates can appear temperamental, and if you’re not an experienced, professional installer, you may encounter issues cropping up repeatedly.

  • Windy weather can affect a gate’s performance. If you choose a gate with too much wind resistance it can end up with wind damage. Certain electric gate systems will have inbuilt safety features to help with their resilience.
  • Cold weather can also affect gate opening systems, and it can thicken any lubrication used to keep the gates mobile.
  • Sometimes electric gates fail to stop where they are supposed to. This is usually down to a technical issue with the mechanism’s limit switch.
  • Mechanical problems with gates failing to open or close can crop up frequently if there have been any issues to do with the installation.
  • Electrical problems may also occur for users of electric gates, requiring ongoing maintenance, so it is important, as the installer, that you understand the system and how to fix it.

Take the Stress out of Electric Gate Installation

Electric gates should be highly effective in providing both convenience and security, but this does depend on their design and installation.

The costs you might think you’re saving by installing your own gates could turn out to be a false economy if you keep encountering issues with your electric gate system.

Our advice is to always choose professional electric gate installation. This will ensure you’re getting the right equipment across the board, from the gates themselves to the gate controllers.

It also means your installers will plan everything carefully, to avoid any glitches or issues.

They will also understand all the necessary safety requirements and potential risks. After all, you don’t want to be left liable for any accidents when people use the gates.

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