Driveway or pedestrian Gates?

Driveway or pedestrian?

Driveway gates

Aluminium gates can be an attractive addition to your driveway.

They are built in modern and tradition styles. They mimic wooden gates, without the added problems that can arise from using wood as a primary material.

At Stargates, we make our gates from aluminium sections that are precision cut and put together in a similar way to a wooden gate.

That means you have the authentic look and feel of a wooden gate without the durability concerns.


Pedestrian gates

Here at Stargates, we don’t just offer driveway solutions.

We also supply pedestrian or side gates.

Our aluminium products do not suffer from rust or rot, unlike iron or wooden alternatives.

We also make pedestrian gates in a range of different colours and styles.

They require minimal maintenance, and are completely weatherproof.

If you have the room, it makes sense to have a pedestrian gate installed alongside your driveway gate.

Having an automated driveway gate can also alleviate any safety concerns by making sure that vehicles and pedestrians don’t attempt to use it at the same time.