Gate Manufacture

At Stargates, we take pride in having the highest quality solutions.

Our Star Range represents the best of European-manufactured aluminium gates using skill and know-how developed over the past quarter of a century.

Our aluminium profile is handcrafted and cut into a massive selection of sizes and designs.

Meanwhile, any special colours and wood finishes can be made to order so you can have something that fits your specific wants and needs.

Once the material has been cut, every individual component is laid out onto an assembly table and put together with the utmost care.

Each stage of the process is carefully managed and the gates tested to make sure that they are the best possible fit and work as designed.

Once they have been checked and given the seal of approval, the gate is wrapped carefully and loaded onto an A-frame pallet made specifically for it.

We want you receive your aluminium gate in the best possible condition to guarantee many years of use.