Your gates are one of the first things people notice about your home. Choosing the right design for your home can make a real difference. Get it right, and they’ll add to your home’s kerb appeal. Get it wrong, and they might be an eyesore that you resent.

It makes sense to take time to properly consider your choices; after all they represent a significant investment. You don’t want to end up realising you made the wrong decision so that you immediately start thinking about replacing your gate.

So, what sort of issues do you need to consider when it comes to choosing your driveway gates?

Choose a style that complements your home and in some cases your neighbourhood

It’s important that your gates work visually with the rest of your property. Do you live in a period property or a modern home? If you live in an older home but prefer the simplicity and clean lines of modern design, can you choose a more contemporary design that works well with your home?

If you live in a conservation area you will need to consider how the gates blend in with the rest of the neighbourhood. Some villages, estates and streets have strict regulations regarding choice of colours. If you’re unsure about any restrictions, you should check them before you purchase your gate.

In some circumstances, planning permission may be needed, especially if you’re modifying or building columns or pillars. It’s always best to check with your planning authority if you have any doubts.

What materials would you like your gate to be made from?

Different materials give your gates a very different look and feel. Many people prefer the natural look of wood. They can be incredibly beautiful and there are many different designs. They do however, come with a range of downsides which can mean they’re not always the best choice.

No matter how well you maintain your wooden gates, they will eventually rot. Wood absorbs water when it rains and then dries out in the sun. As a consequence, wooden gates change size, expanding when wet and shrinking as they dry out. Hinges need to deal with this change in weight. Paint can crack, and joints can slowly open-up.

At Stargate, we stock a wide range of aluminium gates which we believe give you many of the benefits of wood gates, without the downsides. Many of our aluminium designs closely mimic the look and feel of wood but require far less maintenance. They all come with a tough coating that’s guaranteed to last ten years. They’re light and strong, making them ideal to automate.

Aluminium gates can be coated in a wide range of coloured and textured finishes, reflecting your style and the look of your home. They also come with a five-year structural guarantee.

If you’ve been looking at wooden gates, iron gates or steel gates, it’s well worth considering aluminium as a practical and good looking alternative.

What’s your style?

Before you start to explore what’s available it can be helpful to think about your own personal style and that of your home. What sort of look do you prefer? Have you seen gates locally that have caught your eye? Could they work on your driveway? Take a look online at sites such as Pinterest, where people often share their design ideas.

Make some notes and write down your preferences. By doing this you can narrow down your choice.

Classic gates

In the Stargate classic gates range, you can find beautiful aluminium gates that incorporate classic gate elements. These have a period look, while retaining all the benefits of modern materials. Think elegant lines and warm tones combining to create gates that look immediately at home on the driveway of older properties.

Contemporary gates

If you live in a modern home, or have given an older property a cool contemporary makeover, then you’re going to need a set of contemporary aluminium gates to finish the look. Featuring eye catching detail, contemporary gates capture some of the smartest current design trends. Whether you want something simple, or more elaborate, there’s plenty of inspiration in the Stargate range.

Modern gates

With bold panel designs, modern gates make a real statement. The range of quality modern gates we sell at Stargate combine great modern design with all the hard-wearing functionality you would expect from an aluminium gate. If your tastes are for simple, striking modern design, then take a look at our modern aluminium gates range.

Design gates

Just because your gates are functional doesn’t mean they can’t also be creative. Our range of design gates have been carefully selected to showcase just what’s possible when it comes to gate design. This range is all about bold patterns, shapes and contours. Take a look at the Stargate design range to see just what’s possible when it comes to gate design.

Still struggling to decide which design is best for you?  Why not talk to our friendly and experienced team for some professional advice? Give us a call on 033 022 34800, or use the contact form on our website.