Aluminium Gate Designs

Aluminium Gate Designs

Aluminium Gate Designs are varied and suitable for all types of house design. Stargate’s aluminium gates are available in design ranges including the following:

Classic Aluminium Gate Designs
Contemporary Aluminium Gate Designs
Modern Aluminium Gate Designs
Designer Aluminium Gates

Each range has a number of options that are illustrated below.

aluminium gate
aluminium gate

Classic Range

Click here to view our Classic Range of aluminium gates. These styles are more traditional than our more modern ranges and feature classic designs familiar to most people. They work really well with more traditionally styled homes.

aluminium gtes

Contemporary Range

Click her to see examples of our Contemporary aluminium gate designs. This range of aluminium gates is a little more modern that our classic range. It is perfect with houses built in more contemporary styles and features.

aluminium gates

Modern Range

Click here for designs from our Modern Range of aluminium gates. These gates all feature modern design styles that are popular for newer properties. It is perfect with houses built more recently in styles incorporating more modern features.

aluminium gates

Design Range

Click here for examples from our Designer Range of aluminium gates. Here, you’ll see illustrations of some of our gate designs that include bespoke features for stylish and unique homes.

Aluminium Gate Infill Types


aluminium gates


aluminium gates


aluminium gates

Aluminium Gate Top Variations

Flat Top

Flat top aluminium gate design

Curved Top

Curved top aluminium gate design

Double Curve

Double curved top aluminium gate design

Inverse Curve

aluminium gates

Inverse Double Curve

aluminium gates

Inverse Sloping

aluminium gates

Aluminium Gate Panel Options

Fully Boarded

aluminium gates

1/3 Open Boarded

aluminium gates

1/2 Open Boarded

aluminium gates

2/3 Open Boarded

aluminium gates

Open Boarded

aluminium gates

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